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As a result of an article I wrote in Old Bike Mart a couple of years back, a chap contacted me asking if I’d be interested in a new Bandit/ Fury frame and swinging arm he’d bought in around 1981, but never used. He had bought it from an advert in MCN, he said.

Around 1980/1 was when I began my Bandit Fury quest and I remember phoning about an advertised frame in MCN, but being told it had already sold. I was, I remember, bitterly disappoint­ed.

It’s a distinct possibilit­y that this is the same frame, but even if it isn’t, it makes a good story. Hence, perhaps, albeit 42 years late, I finally got it. The chap was going to put a T100 motor in it and go racing but he never did, and the frame languished in his shed as the decades rolled by.

Neither of us really had much idea as to what it was currently ‘worth’; he thought £350 and wouldn’t budge, so 350 it was. I am not entirely sure what to do with it but, as I’m sure you’ll agree, I just had to have it. I’ll get it restoved and ponder... Tony Page, via email.

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