The Classic Motorcycle



To illustrate the technical variety and innovation of the 1930s, 250cc GP design was so diversifie­d during that period that six different engine types were used by the winners of the last seven prewar Lightweigh­t TT races. These were: 1. Twin-carb four-valve radial–Sid Gleave’s 1933 Excelsior Mechanical Marvel. 2. Single-carb fourvalve radial–Jimmy Simpson’s 1934 Rudge. 3. SOHC two-valve– Stanley Woods’ and Omobono Tenni’s Moto Guzzis in 1935 and 1937 respective­ly. 4. Pushrod OHV twovalve–Bob Foster’s 1936 New Imperial. 5. Supercharg­ed twostroke split-single– Ewald Kluge’s 1938 DKW. 6. DOHC two-valve– Ted Mellor’s 1939 Benelli.

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