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Forfar Academy’s head hails ‘positive’ reaction

- graham brown

Forfar Academy head teacher Melvyn Lynch has spoken of the “positive reaction from all quarters” since The Courier revealed his stance against energy drinks in the 1,000-pupil secondary,

The ban came into effect last week in the aftermath of a letter being sent home with children from Mr Lynch.

It outlined his health concerns over the high caffeine and sugar content of the products, and the school’s intention to engage parents in a healthy lifestyle conversati­on if their youngsters are caught bringing the drinks into school.

He highlighte­d problems ranging from pupils falling asleep during the school day to some youngsters having to be excluded from the academy after facing up to staff.

He told parents he believes consumptio­n of energy drinks to be a contributo­ry factor in some cases.

Mr Lynch said in the letter the step was in response to predominan­tly younger children guzzling the “danger” drinks, often as a breakfast substitute and sometimes having as much as a litre before the start of the school day.

He said: “This was about raising the profile of the concerns we have around these energy drinks and encouragin­g the children and their parents to think about a healthy lifestyle, and to try to get away from situations where young people were coming into school wired because they had downed a couple of these cans on their way here in the morning.

“I have to say that the reaction has been positive from all quarters — parents, pupils and staff — and that is very encouragin­g.”

“The reaction has been positive from all quarters — parents, pupils and staff. MELVYN LYNCH

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