The Courier & Advertiser (Angus and Dundee)

Poll shows Remain ahead


Almost a third of Scots still don’t know how they will vote in this month’s EU referendum, according to a new poll.

Research for TNS showed Remain commanded 51% support and those who wanted to leave stayed steady at 21%. The rest were not sure.

According to the survey, turnout is likely to be high with about seven in 10 (71%) stating they are certain to vote.

Meanwhile, Lord Owen claimed the Scottish Parliament would be boosted by substantia­lly more powers in the event of a so-called Brexit.

The former Foreign Secretary called for David Cameron to stay on as Prime Minister and negotiate the EU exit if there is a Leave vote.

Lord Owen wants to scrap the Barnett formula, which would almost certainly lead to a reduction in the block grant coming from Westminste­r to Holyrood, but claimed quitting the EU would result in Scotland receiving an additional £1.55bn a year.

He said: “New powers are going to be acquired by all these parliament­s, not least over agricultur­e and fishery policy. These powers would be automatica­lly devolved, and create a powerhouse Scottish Parliament.”

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