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Pay off household bills first, charity warns


Many people could be placing themselves at greater risk of losing their home if they choose the wrong debts to pay off first, Citizens Advice warns.

A survey from the charity found 28% of people would pay off consumer credit debts – such as credit card bills, personal loans or overdraft repayments – ahead of household bills like rent, mortgage or utility bills.

Citizens Advice said the priority for people should always be to pay off household bills first, to keep a roof over their heads and avoid being cut off from energy supplies.

It said that many consumer credit debt creditors – like credit card companies or other lenders – often “shout the loudest”, making people pay them first.

The charity said its latest figures show that more people are seeking help with household bills such as rent, council tax, fuel and water debts.

Citizens Advice is urging anyone who is struggling to stay on top of their bills and credit commitment­s to seek help soon, to stop debts escalating.

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