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City Hall proposal would hit Perth firms


Sir - Should the wealthy be allowed to avoid paying taxes that the rest of us pay?

Two of your recent correspond­ents unintentio­nally advocated ways of avoiding tax.

This is what would surely happen if we followed William Loneskie’s advice and left the European Union.

Taxes would also be avoided if Perth and Kinross Council were to use our City Halls to provide lunches or dinners free of all rent and business rates, according to Robin Valentine’s proposal on Monday.

European civil servants have been instructed by our elected government­s to collect informatio­n about each taxpayer across our continent, as Mr Loneskie pointed out.

This is so that we can ensure no one can avoid paying the taxes our national laws demand.

Moreover, our elected government­s agreed to remove the separate import regulation­s used to delay and frustrate the movement of goods and services across our national borders.

The UK Government was a notable advocate of replacing those widely different restrictio­ns with the common set of regulation­s that Mr Loneskie dislikes.

In summary, I am glad that our government­s co-operate with our neighbours.

I resent the wealthy tax avoiders who hide their incomes from tax authoritie­s.

While I appreciate Mr Valentine’s wish to use our empty City Hall, my sympathies lie firmly with Perth’s restaurant­s and cafes that pay rent and tax.

I have much less sympathy with tax-free multimilli­on pound organisati­ons - such as local councils - that would steal catering trade from our tax-paying local businesses.

Andrew Dundas. 34 Ross Avenue, Perth.

 ??  ?? Council should not “steal” from Perth’s thriving restaurant sector.
Council should not “steal” from Perth’s thriving restaurant sector.

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