The Courier & Advertiser (Angus and Dundee)

Let girls make own choices


Sir, - I hope that girls continue to ignore special exhortatio­ns to study science, technology, engineerin­g and mathematic­s and instead just follow courses that reflect their own interests, whatever they are.

No one should feel pressurise­d to sacrifice their own academic ambitions just to satisfy the vision of feminists.

Instead of trying to influence younger girls, feminist campaigner­s could recommend all young women currently studying gender or women’s studies should transfer to engineerin­g or metallurgy instead.

That would be a step towards closing the “gender pay gap” and martyrdom always inspires emulation.

Males and females tend to have different interests and priorities.

The general inclinatio­n of girls is towards the personal rather than the mechanical, so claims that it is all the product of sinister social conditioni­ng are triumphs of dogma over fact.

Feminists glorify characteri­stics more common in males and urge women to emulate them, while claiming to be fighting on behalf of women.

I regard men and women as complement­ary, combining to meet the needs of family, economy and society.

Richard Lucas. 11 Broomyknow­e, Colinton, Edinburgh.

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