The Courier & Advertiser (Angus and Dundee)

Better off out of Europe


Sir, - As someone who experience­d the decimalisa­tion and our joining of the Common Market, I think both were not what was promised to the man in the street.

Within months of our abandoning our old currency, everything was a lot more expensive and continued to increase, except for wages.

We were promised the earth with the Common Market but those of us in business already new it was a millionair­es’ club and not for the ordinary worker.

Internatio­nal trade was immediatel­y stamped on by the UK customs. Many will recall

van loads of wine being confiscate­d at Dover.

We had free trade but only for the multi-nationals.

I was in the meat trade and watched it die under the weight of hundreds of regulation­s.

But these rules were ignored by the French, Spanish and the rest of Europe.

At one time in Dundee there was a butcher’s shop in every street and a thriving meat market sending lorry loads to Smithfield and beyond.

Then it was the turn of the fishing industry. Our fleet was slashed while foreign boats were given access. How many fishmonger­s are left in any Scottish town?

Do you really believe that car companies like BMW, Mercedes, in fact any of them; French, German or Italian are going to stop trading with us if we pull out? No. BMW makes its biggest profits in Britain. Every manufactur­er in Europe will go on trying to sell goods in Britain.

Bill Duthie. 25 St Fillans Rod, Dundee.

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