The Courier & Advertiser (Angus and Dundee)

Be frank about oil situation


Sir, - Why does the SNP consistent­ly get it so spectacula­rly wrong when making claims about crude prices, reserves and the inevitable impact of the oil sector on the Scottish and, in particular, the north-east Scotland economy?

The prediction­s by the former and present First Ministers of oil being worth £300,000 per capita in Scotland, or we were on the “cusp of a second oil boom” were indeed stupidity on stilts.

But not to be deterred, we had the SNP’s Dennis Robertson a few months ago claim there was “no crisis” and to cap it all we have the newlyappoi­nted Economy Secretary Keith Brown predict only the other day of “good times ahead” for the oil industry.

The SNP needs to abandon its ostrich-like approach and consider carefully the latest data published about the worsening economic forecasts for Scotland (Bank of Scotland) and in particular Aberdeen and its travel-to-work area whereby the situation is dire not just for the oil workers but for the vast support industry which tailored its business models to act as the vital supply chain for the oil industry.

Grim times ahead with $50 the new $100 would have been a more appropriat­e statement by Keith Brown and then the people who have lost their jobs and businesses would at least feel the Scottish Government had finally woken up to the seriousnes­s of the economic situation in Scotland. Fat chance.

Ian Lakin. Pinelands, Murtle Den Road, Milltimber.

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