The Courier & Advertiser (Angus and Dundee)

No threat of federal Europe


Sir, - The essential Remain argument is that in a globalised world it is vital that this industrial nation remains part of the largest transnatio­nal trading block.

The real problems we face, such as internatio­nal capital flows, are best addressed within the EU so why would we want to become a vulnerable, isolated target?

There is no chance of the EU becoming a federal state and key decisions will continue to be made in the Council of Ministers by heads of national government­s.

The EU Commission is made up of Humphrey Appleby clones who fell off their national ladders: second-rate civil servants shifting paper on a gravy train to nowhere.

The father of the EU was General de Gaul who hated the USA model and made sure we had a united Europe of states rather than a United States of Europe.

Rev Dr John Cameron. 10 Howard Place, St Andrews.

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