The Courier & Advertiser (Angus and Dundee)

Fatherly influence


A father’s interest in his child’s education, particular­ly at age 11, has been found to have more influence on education success than family background, the child’s personalit­y or poverty.

Having the father involved is linked with lower parenting stress and depression in mothers.

Mothers who feel supported by their babies’ fathers adjust better to motherhood and parent more positively.

Children with positive father figures in their lives have enhanced social skills.

‘The Dad effect’ can be achieved from all father figures including grandfathe­rs, family friends and volunteers.

27% of parents feel resentful towards their employer about their work/family balance – and fathers are more likely than mothers to feel this way.

50 years ago many dads weren’t present at their children’s births; today, around 98% are at the birth.

More than a third of dads surveyed for the Modern Families Index said they had faked being sick to meet family obligation­s, including looking after their children.

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