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Policeman denies stalking charges


A serving police officer has appeared in court charged with stalking a woman at locations including Dundee’s police headquarte­rs.

Simon Donaldson, 39, allegedly kept tabs on the woman for a period of five years, monitoring her movements and demanding to know where she was.

During that time he also allegedly arranged to meet the woman’s partner and allegedly showed him an old video of himself and the woman engaging in a sex act.

Donaldson, whose address was given to the court as care of police headquarte­rs, West Bell Street, Dundee, allegedly repeatedly and persistent­ly phoned the woman and repeatedly asked her whereabout­s and movements.

He also allegedly repeatedly approached, phoned and contacted the woman’s parents and demanded to know her whereabout­s and movements from them.

Donaldson also allegedly repeatedly and persistent­ly attended at the woman’s home address and repeatedly drove by her house.

He is also alleged to have seized hold of her, threatened her, shouted at her and attempted to access her email account.

It is further alleged, on one occasion in 2011, he arranged to meet her partner and pretended to him that he was in a relationsh­ip with the woman.

Donaldson then allegedly showed the man an older video of the woman and himself engaging in a sex act.

At Dundee Sheriff Court, Donaldson denied a charge of engaging in a course of conduct which caused the woman fear and alarm.

The offence is alleged to have taken place between dates in 2010 and 2015 at an address in Angus and at police headquarte­rs at West Bell Street, Dundee, and elsewhere.

The trial takes place on July 11 with an intermedia­te diet on June 23.

Donaldson was placed on bail meantime.

A Police Scotland spokeswoma­n said: “We can confirm that a 39-year-old man appeared at Dundee Sheriff Court having been reported in connection with breach of the peace, stalking and computer misuse offences.”

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