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‘Death in a can’ claim by energy drinks addict

- Graham Brown

High-caffeine energy drinks have been linked to a number of fatalities and numerous health problems, leading to them being described as “death in a can”.

Forfar Academy’s recent decision to ban them came after a pupil was hospitalis­ed during a school trip abroad.

The pupil, who has now left school and remains unwilling to talk about the experience, was on a ski trip and had consumed a number of energy drink shots when he became unwell.

He quickly recovered from the effects of the caffeine overdose but his is a common story across the country.

Red Bull addict Mary Allwood, 26, was admitted to hospital after downing 20 cans of the drink every day in a £2,300 per year habit.

When an MRI scan revealed a liver swollen to twice its normal size, doctors thought they were dealing with an alcoholic patient.

Teetotal Mary, from Devon, described the drink as her “heroin”, saying: “It I didn’t get my fix I would be miserable.”

Rugby player Joshua Merrick, 19, was set to pursue a Royal Navy career when he died suddenly in his sleep.

An inquest concluded Joshua had died of natural causes but he had been consuming high caffeine drinks to boost his workouts. A doctor said they could have been a contributo­ry factor.

Essex insurance worker Martin Bowling suffered a heart attack after downing huge quantities of energy drinks.

“Now I see those drinks as death in a can,” he said.

 ??  ?? Mary had to get her “fix”.
Mary had to get her “fix”.

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