The Courier & Advertiser (Angus and Dundee)

Osborne: Leave will cause a surge in unemployme­nt


Leaving the EU would see Scottish unemployme­nt rocket by 43,000 in two years, the Chancellor has warned.

In a visit north of the border today, George Osborne will claim a so-called Brexit would cause a “profound economic shock” which would also lower the value of homes and risk trade exports.

He was accused of trying to scare Scots voters by using tactics reminiscen­t of the “Project Fear” deployed by Better Together in the run up to the Scottish independen­ce referendum.

Mr Osborne will say: “Every credible independen­t voice agrees that if the UK votes to leave the EU there would be a profound economic shock that would hurt people’s jobs, livelihood­s and living standards in Scotland.”

He will also claim the impact of the shock from leaving the EU and the free trade single market would be equivalent to a £4.5 billion reduction to the size of the Scottish economy by 2018.

Tom Harris, director of Scottish Vote Leave, said: “His made up statistics have been dismissed by supporters of his own side as scaremonge­ring, and it’s about time the Chancellor stopped talking down Scotland and the UK’s economy.”

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