The Courier & Advertiser (Angus and Dundee)

Crail road safety concerns


Sir, - The story about the caravan crashing into a house in Crail (June 7) comes as no great surprise to the residents of Pinkerton Road in Crail.

Warsea Road, down which the car was travelling, is a private road leading to the caravan park.

The main road it branches off from and the surroundin­g roads in this residentia­l area are all 20 mph.

While I have every sympathy with the driver of the car and hope that everyone involved is safe and unhurt, the caravan park must take a degree of responsibi­lity for safety on this road.

The caravan park has been approached many times in the past about the speed of traffic on the road, with cars and caravans regularly travelling in excess of 60mph.

As houses down the left-hand side of Pinkerton Road all back on to Warsea Road, it is a miracle a serious accident involving children has been avoided on this road or that a more serious car accident has not occurred previously.

Sadly, numerous family pets have fallen victim to motorists.

Ewan Mitchell. Pinkerton Road, Crail.

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