The Courier & Advertiser (Angus and Dundee)

Is this a case of discrimina­tion?


Sir, - With reference to Mr Buntin’s letter (June 7) we too wonder if the introducti­on of a charge by Angus Council to collect garden waste is the thin end of the wedge.

What concerns us more is the inability to contact large organisati­ons other than by computer.

The garden waste collection letter specified the only two ways to apply for this service were online or by phoning Angus Council’s access number.

The number was dialled three times over

two days and on each occasion, the call was not answered after about 10 minutes.

We were left wondering if this was deliberate in order to force us to go online. We are sure the council will deny this but calls should be answered in a reasonable time.

We did apply online but object to feeling “forced” to do it that way.

If it is illegal to discrimina­te on the grounds of sex, race and age, why are people who either cannot or do not wish to use computers effectivel­y being discrimina­ted against?

Katherine and Ronald Goodfellow. 6 Elmgrove Park, Monikie.

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