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Stop turbine death toll


Sir, - You saw fit to publish (June 2) four paragraphs covering the story of a raptor dying after crashing into a wind turbine. This was at the bottom of an inside page.

Why was this not frontpage news?

The raptor in question was an osprey, one of the rarest birds of prey in the United Kingdom.

Had the bird been a common buzzard and its carcase been found on or near a shooting estate, the article no doubt would have been elevated to front-page news together with a full diatribe by Jim Crumley.

Why is it accepted so meekly that such a fine bird of prey should die in such a way?

Why are the owners and operators not being prosecuted under the Wildlife and Countrysid­e Act?

It is an offence to use traps or similar items to

“If it is illegal to discrimina­te on the grounds of sex, race and age, why are people who either cannot or do not wish to use computers effectivel­y being discrimina­ted against?

kill injure or take wild birds.

Why is the RSPB strongly in favour of the proliferat­ion of these avian death traps, otherwise known as windfarms?

One only has to spend a few hours walking around a windfarm site to see the carnage they cause.

Andrew Murphy. Oak Cottage, Freuchie.

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