The Courier & Advertiser (Angus and Dundee)

Dim view of Perth lighting


Sir, - You carried an article on December 17 2014 under the headline, Lighting woes put city into dark ages.

The article related to Perth and Kinross Council imposing new cost-cutting, low-output street lighting, leaving many streets, including Feus Road, dreary, dark and dangerousl­y dimly lit.

Following a barrage of complaints from residents, we were told we were overlit and the council had to save money on lighting.

Really? On June 2 this year you published an article under the headline, Green light for £12 million project to illuminate city.

This is yet another vanity project to go alongside Perth and Kinross Council’s other well-documented vanity projects.

How galling this is for residents who had poor, pathetic and pitiful lighting thrust on them.

As usual, the welfare and wellbeing of its residents is well down Perth and Kinross Council’s priorities in comparison to its own egotistic ideas.

Mike Rogalski. 82 Feus Road, Perth.

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