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‘It’s great to know you’re not the only one’: Event offers respite for carers.

More than 100 people attend carers event and share their experience­s

- rob mclaren

Carers from across Angus gave an insight into their day-to-day lives caring for loved ones as they attended the Angus Carers Day at Carnoustie Golf Hotel yesterday.

More than 100 people attended the event organised by Angus Carers Centre which gave them respite from their normal caring duties.

As well as being able to access informatio­n from the local carers charity, they were also able to take part in a variety of fun workshops, including tai chi, glass painting and table-top gardening.

Ann Anderson, 44, from Friockheim, looks after her 12-year-old son James who was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum four years ago.

She said: “As long as he’s in a routine, day-to-day life is much easier, but a simple trip to the supermarke­t can change if there’s new roadworks or if there’s an accident or a diversion – anything that throws him out of the routine.

“Events like today are great for meeting new carers who are in similar situations to me. It’s great to know you’re not the only one.

“I’ve had a lot of support from Angus Carers Centre with getting to know people and James being able to mix with other children like him.”

Ron Harper, 80, from Arbroath, cares for his wife Helen, who needs a zimmer frame to move about and also has sight and hearing problems.

He said: “It draws you closer but it’s not easy because we can fight and argue, but we get there. As a carer, you do what you can but it can get you stressed.”

John Miller, 85, from Monifieth, who cares for his wife Agnes, said: “An event like today is a change of the routine. It’s good talking to other people though there are very few male carers.”

Anne Thompson, 59, from Friockheim, looks after her husband Jim, who had a stroke last year, which has affected his balance and left him “numb” down his right side.

She said: “Life has changed quite a lot in the last year, to say the least. Jim was working before the stroke – now I help him on with his socks and shoes in the morning.

“Life was 100mph before, now it’s at about 20mph.”

“An event like today is a change of the routine. JOHN MILLER

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