Un­pro­voked act of ag­gres­sion

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Sir, – The at­tack on Syria by Wash­ing­ton and her pup­pet states of Britain and France was a fla­grant breach of in­ter­na­tional law.

It was an un­pro­voked act of ag­gres­sion against a sovereign state who had not at­tacked or threat­ened any of the bel­liger­ents. Ac­cord­ing to the Nurem­berg tri­bunal, the supreme in­ter­na­tional crime is ag­gres­sion.

An ut­terly cor­rupt and dis­hon­est West­ern me­dia pro­moted the gov­ern­ment claims with­out pro­duc­ing any ev­i­dence to sub­stan­ti­ate them.

US of­fi­cials and the me­dia tell us that the il­le­gal US mis­sile at­tack on Syria de­stroyed chem­i­cal weapons sites where chlo­rine and sarin are stored/ man­u­fac­tured.

If this were true, would not a lethal cloud have been re­leased that would have taken the lives of far more peo­ple than claimed in the al­leged Syr­ian chem­i­cal at­tack on Douma? Would not the US mis­sile at­tack be iden­ti­cal to a chem­i­cal weapons at­tack, and thus place the US and its vas­sals in the same cat­e­gory as Wash­ing­ton is at­tempt­ing to place As­sad and Putin?

There is no ques­tion that had any Rus­sian per­son­nel been killed it would have brought about re­tal­i­a­tion and es­ca­la­tion.

The world should un­der­stand that be­cause of the in­sane Trump regime, the con­tin­ued ex­is­tence of life on earth is very much in ques­tion. Alan Hin­nrichs. 2 Gille­spie Ter­race, Dundee.

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