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NEW Wheat, NEW Mud, NEW Machine

Cooper Gallery, Dundee University, until April 23

- Gayle Ritchie

NEW Wheat, NEW Mud, NEW Machine is a major exhibition of new works by Glasgow-based artists’ group Poster Club.

It stems from their participat­ion in Cooper Gallery’s internatio­nal project CURRENT Contempora­ry Art from Scotland at Shanghai Himalayas Art Museum last year.

The show reposition­s Poster Club’s exhibition from Shanghai to Scotland, having been reimagined and made anew by the artists through their experience and subsequent reflection­s on their work.

Printing slogans and symbols on to posters, garments and sculpture, the club position printmakin­g as an experiment­al site for collaborat­ive practice.

Inscribed with openended questions and unlikely conjunctio­ns, they cite, revisit and reappraise their own artworks to produce a humorous “institutio­nal self-critique”.

Their latest exhibition is an opening into a play of visual and textual possibilit­y.

 ??  ?? Poster Club’s exhibition at Dundee University.
Poster Club’s exhibition at Dundee University.

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