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Benefits of a meat-free diet


The first animal-free cookery book, Kitchen Philosophy for Vegetarian­s, was published in England in 1849 by William Horsell of London. A review of the book claimed that “…butter and eggs are excluded”, making it the first known ‘vegan’ cookbook.

The first cookery book to use the new word “vegan” in its title was Fay K. Henderson’s Vegan Recipes published in 1946.

According to the NHS you can get all the nutrients you need from a vegan diet– as long as you plan meals properly.

You need plenty of fruit and vegetables, starchy carbs, beans, nuts and pulses for protein and good dairy alternativ­es. Lack of planning could make you deficient in calcium, iron and vitamin B12. Many vegans take supplement­s.

Vegans tend to have lower rates of cancer than meateaters and vegetarian­s, with around 30% lower rates of female-specific cancers, and prostate cancer.

Our alkaline saliva is not meant to break down animal flesh. Carnivores have acid saliva, perfectly designed for the task.

Info thanks to the Vegan Society and www.vbetweenth­

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