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Fears for safety of drivers as cars pelted with rocks

ROSYTH: Woman’s windscreen shattered in attack


A woman had a narrow escape after youths shattered her car windscreen by hurling rocks as she drove down an M90 slip road in Fife.

The attacks on motorists near Rosyth on Sunday night were yet another example of anti-social behaviour which appears to have taken hold in the kingdom in recent weeks.

In Lochgelly, police officers who stepped up patrols at the weekend to crack down on troublemak­ers reported further vandalism, littering and fire-setting on Saturday.

One of several drivers who was on the receiving end of the Rosyth car ambushes said it was the fifth time she had experience­d bother from youths, including previous incidents of stones being hurled at her vehicle.

Alisha Brooke, whose windscreen was smashed, said: “This is absolutely ridiculous, so sad to see what Rosyth is coming to these days.”

Another driver, whose vehicle was struck near the Admiralty Road roundabout, warned: “Someone is going to get killed.”

Police appealed for informatio­n on the Rosyth attacks, and in regard to the Lochgelly vandalism, called upon parents to make sure they were aware of where their children were and what they were doing over the weekend.

Police are investigat­ing reports of rocks and other missiles being thrown at cars as they left the M90 slip road at Rosyth.

The incident is believed to have taken place at around 7pm on Sunday, with one woman having a lucky escape after the windscreen of her car was shattered by a large rock thrown from the banking overlookin­g the road.

Alisha Brooke, whose car was damaged, said: “This is absolutely ridiculous, so sad to see what Rosyth is coming to these days.

“This is probably the fifth encounter I have had with kids being rude to me, throwing stones at my car, coming off the school buses and jumping on my car when they are ‘pretending to fight’.

“I just don’t get it at all. “I would never and never knew anyone when I was younger to have acted this way in Rosyth growing up.”

Several other drivers also reported damage to their vehicles.

One driver, who asked not to be named said his Vauxhall Corsa was struck by a large boulder type object thrown from the bank as he drove along the slip road heading southbound on to the M90 at the Admiralty Road roundabout.

He said: “I’d already had to avoid 10-15 lumps of rock that were littering the carriagewa­y and then I heard this almighty bang as large rock came towards the car striking it an inch or so above the passenger window.

“I immediatel­y pulled into the Inverkeith­ing Ferry Toll to check the damage and was met by another motorist whose Fiesta car had been badly dented on the roof.

“It’s madness, someone is going to get killed if it’s allowed to carry on.”

It is the latest instance of vandalism in Rosyth, after a storage shed was broken into, fence panels destroyed and play equipment damaged at Park Road Nursery in the town.

Rosyth councillor Tony Orton said: “My immediate reaction to such reckless acts is that of absolute horror.

“We have had a problems of anti-social behaviour and vandalism in Rosyth pretty much since lockdown began but this goes beyond any of that and poses a serious risk to someone’s life.

“It’s very fortunate that no one was seriously injured or even killed by such senseless and dangerous actions.

“Because of the ongoing issues with anti-social behaviour, Fife Council has now set up a multi-agency team to try and deal with some of the problems in Rosyth but the incidents of Sunday are a whole lot more serious.

“I urge anyone who knows who was involved or witnessed anything relating to this to contact police.”

Sergeant Kate Blackwell of Dalgety Bay Police Station said: “We received multiple reports of stones and other items thrown at vehicles travelling on the M90 near Rosyth around 7.30pm on Sunday. Patrols were carried out in the area and inquiries are ongoing.

“Behaviour such as this is extremely reckless and it is fortunate that nobody was injured. A number of vehicles were damaged but the consequenc­es could easily have been more serious. I would urge anyone with informatio­n to call 101, quoting incident 3244 of April 11.”

 ??  ?? The rocks damaged a windscreen.
The rocks damaged a windscreen.
 ??  ?? “RECKLESS ACTS”: Some of the damage caused after objects were hurled at vehicles travelling near Rosyth on Sunday evening.
“RECKLESS ACTS”: Some of the damage caused after objects were hurled at vehicles travelling near Rosyth on Sunday evening.

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