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Monster stunt backfires


Police were called after Monsters Inc duo Mike and Sully turned up at a Perth primary school uninvited. Stephen Phillips said he and his son Ajay were trying to spread joy by dressing as the loveable Pixar characters in the playground of Letham Primary.

But their good intentions backfired after uncertaint­y over their true identities sparked concern among school staff.

Perth and Kinross Council said the stunt could have caused “considerab­le alarm” and also breached Covid restrictio­ns.

The pair were challenged and agreed to leave but police were notified and other schools alerted as a precaution.

“Mike and Sully” are familiar characters on the streets of Letham thanks to Stephen and Ajay, who often go out dressed as the monsters.

In the film, the duo aim to make children scream but Stephen said he and his 10-year-old son only want to “spread joy”.

They have the backing of locals, who described their antics as “great fun”.

Stephen said: “We have had a few appearance­s on the streets of Letham, and had an invite to Perth Academy for the kids with special circumstan­ces.

“Regarding at the

primary school, I picked him up as Sullivan to surprise him.

“But unfortunat­ely one teacher asked us to leave the school grounds.

“I followed on their wishes but the kids weren’t happy at that at all.

“The kids came screaming out after the bell, and it was good to see other adults and kids happy after a disappoint­ing year.

“My son seems to enjoy this method of making others happy. Being 10 years old, how he controls the suit is amazing for his age.

“I go as Sullivan to keep him OK and to disperse any issues with anyone.”

Perth and Kinross Council said that, while the pair’s intentions may not have been malicious, their actions may have caused concern.

A spokesman for the local authority said: “We can confirm that on March 29 two individual­s dressed as characters from Monsters Inc entered the playground at Letham Primary School but left when challenged.

“There was no communicat­ion with the school or arrangemen­t made for any visit.

“Police Scotland were notified of the incident and other schools alerted to it as a precaution.

“Pupil safety is always our priority. While these individual­s may have meant no harm, no unauthoris­ed individual­s are allowed on school grounds and their actions could have caused considerab­le alarm and breached coronaviru­s restrictio­ns.”

In a post shared to the Letham Community Facebook page, Stephen asked the public for their respect.

The dressed-up duo have received support from locals online, one saying: “Great fun. Makes you smile – well done.”

 ??  ?? “SPREADING JOY”: Monster Inc’s Mike is a popular figure in Letham alongside fellow movie character Sully.
“SPREADING JOY”: Monster Inc’s Mike is a popular figure in Letham alongside fellow movie character Sully.

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