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Prince Philip enjoyed a heated debate


Alex Salmond has claimed the Duke of Edinburgh enjoyed nothing more “than a good argument” and he would have not appreciate­d a week of national mourning.

The former first minister was speaking at an Alba Party campaign event in the capital despite opposing parties suspending their operations out of respect for Philip’s passing.

It comes amid disappoint­ing polls for his new political project which suggest support is lacking ahead of the Holyrood elections in May.

Mr Salmond said: “The Duke of Edinburgh was not one of the foremost advocates of Scottish independen­ce I’ve ever met.

“But I found the disagreeme­nts enjoyable, he did as well.

“To me, at least, he seemed to enjoy nothing more than a good argument – and a forthright argument.

“One thing I know absolutely, he was a geton-with-life sort of person – no maudlin sentimenta­lity.

“An extended mourning in the country would not have been to his liking, I can be absolutely certain about that.

“He would have wanted folk to get on with their lives.”

In a blow to Mr Salmond’s political ambitions, a survey of 1,007 over-16s in Scotland suggests an SNP majority or an SNP/Green coalition would have the most backing as the “best mandate” for a second independen­ce referendum, rather than involvemen­t from Mr Salmond’s new party.

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