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Young people ‘less worried about Covid’


Many young people showed lower levels of concern over the risks of catching coronaviru­s and did not comply with social mixing guidance, a new study has shown.

Responses gathered by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that some felt that they were “missing out” on their social life because of the pandemic.

Others said that the increased isolation and lack of socialisin­g caused by lockdown restrictio­ns had also had a negative effect on their mental health.

The ONS said there was an underlying assumption among some participan­ts that they were less at risk to Covid-19 because they were young.

Few respondent­s knew someone who had had the virus and so concluded it was unlikely they would catch it themselves.

The survey also found that many young people felt that social mixing rules were confusing because of the changes around where and how many people a person could meet.

Students in particular were concerned about missing out on the “university experience” by not being able to go to parties or clubs.

There have been recent surges in coronaviru­s cases after student gatherings in Dundee and St Andrews.

Many said it was harder to comply with guidance around student areas

because of the behaviour of others and temptation­s to be social in a university environmen­t.

Some also thought recovery from the virus would be quick, so were not concerned about catching it by mixing in large groups.

Few mentioned putting any steps in place to safely manage the transition from campus to family home.

Some said that while they had taken steps to limit contact with strangers, they had made personal assessment­s about the safety of meeting up with friends, the ONS said.

The survey also found that many young people said they wanted to do the right thing and do their part for society.

Some expressed a sense of “civic duty”, courtesy and responsibi­lity to society to do their bit to stop the spread of coronaviru­s.

The survey also found that parents with dependent children found life had become more “boring”, with limits on social interactio­ns and fewer activity for their youngsters.

 ??  ?? COVID RISKS: Students attend a gathering in Dundee. Picture by Kim Cessford.
COVID RISKS: Students attend a gathering in Dundee. Picture by Kim Cessford.

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