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THAINSTONE – Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold an entry of 1,288 store cattle and young bulls.

Bullocks (759) averaged 268.7p and sold to 322p per kg for a pen of seven 354kg Charolais crosses from Lythmore, Bridge of Westfield, and £1,660 for a 792kg Limousin cross from Windsor Farm, Enzie. Aberdeen-Angus bullocks (35) averaged 249.1p and sold to a top of 276.5p per kg for a 358kg from Meikle Toux, Cornhill, and £1,430 for a 574kg from Little Blackpots, Auchnagatt.

Heifers (475) averaged 263.4p and sold to a top of 371.3p per kg for a 404kg Limousin cross from Shenval, Ballindall­och, and £1,510 for a 620kg Limousin cross from Brackens, Turriff. Aberdeen-Angus heifers (10) averaged 236.6p and sold to a top price of 261.4p per kg for a pen of four 352kg from Lythmore, and £1,255 for a pair of 534kg from Stonyford, Tarland.

Bulls (nine) sold to a top price of 263p per kg for a 384kg British Blue from Grassmisto­n Farm, Crail, and £1,080 for a 436kg Simmental cross from Rashenloch­y Farm, Drumoak. Leading prices per head and per kg:

Bullocks: Up to 250kg: Dunveaden House, Bettyhill (Lim) £800, 320p; 251-300kg: Altyre Partnershi­p, Forres (Sal) £845, 287.4p; 301-350kg: Lythmore (Cha) £1,060, 317.4p; 351-400kg: Lythmore (Cha) £1,185, Lethendry, Cromdale (Lim) 309p; 401450kg: Glendamph, Glenisla (Lim) £1,280, Rashenloch­y Farm (Cha) 286.1p; 451500kg: Shenval, Ballindall­och (Lim) £1,390, 281.4p; 501550kg: South Greycairn, Newmill (Sim) £1,465, 276.5p; 551-600kg: Meikle Aucheoch, Maud (Cha) £1,590, 269.5p; 601-650kg: Meikle Aucheoch (Cha) £1,590, East Mains, Lumphanan (Cha) 256.6p; 701-750kg: Windsoer Farm (Cha) £1,640, 216.9p. Aberdeen-Angus bullocks: Up to 350kg: Altyre Partnershi­p £810, 266.4p; 351-400kg: Meikle Toux £990; 401-450kg: Crannabog Farms, Rothienorm­an £1,150, 266.2p; 451-500kg: Hill of

Melrose, Gamrie £1,165, 235.8p; 501-550kg: Westfield, Fortrie £1,250, 238.5p; 551600kg: Westfield £1,380, Little Blackpots 249.1p. Heifers: Up to 300kg: Hareshowe of Ironside, New Deer (Lim) £900, 302p; 301350kg: Shenval (Lim) £1,120, 347.8p; 351-400kg: Shenval (Lim) £1,320, 352.9p; 401450kg: Shenval (Lim) £1,500, 361p; 451-500kg: Glendamph (Lim) £1,360, Old Manse Farm, Glass (BB) 280.6p; 501-550kg: Westfield (Cha) £1,370, 264.5p; 551-600kg: Brackens (Lim) £1,550, 254.2p; 601-650kg: Leyton, Aboyne (Sim) £1,490, Brackens (Lim) 243.5p. Aberdeen-Angus heifers:

Up to 400kg: Lythmore, Blervie Mains, Rafford £920, Blervie Mains 247.3p; 401-450kg: Hill of Melrose £1,030, Meikle Toux 239.1p; 451-500kg: Stonyford, Tarland £1,170, 235.9p; 501-550kg: Stonyford 238.3p.

Bulls: Up to 350kg: Fife Cottage, Keith (Lim) £710, 227.6p; 351-400kg: Grassmisto­n Farm (BB) £1,010, Fife Cottage (Sim) 247.5p; 401-450kg: Fife Cottage (Sho) £1,070, Lethendry (Lim) 261.2p.

ST BOSWELLS – Harrison and Hetheringt­on sold 59 clean cattle, 32 cast cows, 16 prime lambs, 1,224 prime hoggs and 207 cast sheep. Bullocks (19) averaged 258p and sold to 269p per kg (+10p on the week).

Heifers (39) averaged 258p and sold to 279p per kg (+9p). Young bulls (one) sold to 240p per kg.

Cast cows (32) averaged 174p and sold to a top price of 243p per kg (+14p) and £1,623 per head.

Lambs (16) averaged 330p and sold to 347p per kg and £163 per head for Charolais. Prime hoggs (1,224) averaged 315p (+28p) and sold to a top price of 426p per kg and £181 for Beltex.

Cast sheep averaged £119 and sold to £170 for Beltex ewes.

Heavy ewes sold to average £127.

Light ewes averaged £92.50 and sold to a top price of £143 for North Country Cheviots.

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