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Sailor’slovelette­rs includedin­display


THE C A R E F U L LY illustrate­d love letters from a sailor to his sweetheart penned while serving at sea in the Royal Navy are to go on display as part of the HMS (Hear My Story) exhibition.

Chief Stoker Walter Grainger, who joined the Royal Navy in 1883 and served into the First World War until 1916, wrote to his lover Edith while serving in the China Station naval formation from 1896.

He wrote: “Each letter I write now is drawing nearer to the last, drawing so close that I can nearly count how many more I shall have to write before I shall have the happiness to see you myself with my own eyes, touch you with my own hand.”

He also wrote of his discontent in the Navy: “It will be a blessed day when we are delivered out of this house of iniquity, as I call this ship, for I do not believe there was ever one equal to her as regards the character of the people comprising her crew, of course, dear, it is not the ship it is those on board and they are without any doubt the most inhuman tyrants I have ever met.”

Also on display at the Por tsmouth Historic Dockyard exhibition is the Victoria Cross awarded to Admiral Sir Victor Crutchley, who was sunk three times as he led operations to block Ostend harbour used by German U-boats.

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