The Courier & Advertiser (Perth and Perthshire Edition)

Questions for Westminste­r


Sir, - Hogwash. It is the only word I can use to describe Mr R Scott’s rant against full fiscal autonomy (June 18).

Firstly, the full terms of the Smith Commission have not been agreed too by the Tories. They have backtracke­d at a rate of knots on this, with their refusal to agree to the permanence of the Scottish Parliament, something all parties signed up to.

Secondly, the £5,000 figure seems to have been plucked from thin air.

Similar warnings were made in 2007 when the SNP took power at Holyrood. Eight years later, I am still waiting to be charged £5,000.

Lastly, I raise a point that no unionist has ever been able to answer: if

SNP MPs bluff and bluster across the floor of the House of Commons but it is votes that count and, of course, the Tories have more of them than any other party in the house

Scotland, under 300 years of union cannot afford independen­ce or even FFA, then what has Westminste­r being doing with the Scottish economy? RM F Brown. Hill Terrace, Markinch.

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