The Courier & Advertiser (Perth and Perthshire Edition)

Pointless targets for emissions


Sir, - Scottish Ministers say that the country’s heating systems should be fossil-fuel free by 2050 to battle climate change, despite Scotland having only 0.15% of global emissions.

Electricit­y usage accounts for 21% of energy demand, transport 24% and heating 55%. For the electricit­y part, thousands of wind turbines have been built and still the Scottish emission reduction targets have not been met for four years.

Here is a suggestion for the Scottish Government.

Switch off the wind turbines that dot Scotland’s countrysid­e and hillsides and allow temperatur­es to rise. There then will be no need for heating.

The saving on the 55% means that CO2 reduction targets will be achieved.

Daft idea? Yes it is but so is wasting taxpayers’ money on efforts to save a fraction of 0.15% when the majority of countries in the world ignore CO2 targets and instead burn coal to grow their economies. Clark Cross. 138 Springfiel­d Road, Linlithgow.

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