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Weightlift­ing fun facts


Weightlift­ing lowers bad cholestero­l and blood pressure.

With appropriat­e coaching, weight lifting can help children improve motor skills, body compositio­n and self confidence, along with many other health improvemen­ts.

The current men’s world record for snatch and clean and jerk is 472kg. That’s more than the weight of a fully-grown polar bear.

More women are getting into weightlift­ing. The 2015 Scottish Open Championsh­ips had double the number of female competitor­s as the 2013 event.

Weightlift­ing has a very low injury rate in comparison to most other sports.

People who are physically inactive can lose 3-5% of their muscle mass per decade from the age of 30. Weighttrai­ning can prevent and reverse this loss.

Lifting weights can reduce the symptoms of numerous diseases and chronic conditions, including arthritis, diabetes, back pain, depression, osteoporos­is and obesity.

People who exercise regularly enjoy improved sleep quality.

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