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Inaction puts businesses in vulnerable state


Richard Higgs, CEO of Scotland’s ethical data guardian, brightsoli­d, said cyber resilience was “a global issue that affects every single member of every society”.

He said: “Many organisati­ons across Scotland and the rest of the UK are not prepared for an attack on their data despite over 87% of Scottish businesses now operating a website which collates and collects data.

“It is my belief that the reason for this is not because organisati­ons do not know that they are open to an attack, rather there is a sense of denial in relation to global cyber-attacks and they therefore are less inclined to prepare properly for such events.

“Brightsoli­d endeavours to share knowledge with public and private sector organisati­ons on how they can take positive steps to protect against increasing­ly likely attempts to breach their data.”

 ??  ?? Brightsoli­d CEO Richard Higgs.
Brightsoli­d CEO Richard Higgs.

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