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Political horse trading across Courier Country


In Angus, SNP councillor­s are attempting to forge new alliances to keep control.

An approach has been made to the two Liberal Democrat councillor­s for talks over the weekend and the SNP believe there is still a way they can reach the required numbers, with the additional help of some Independen­ts.

There are 28 councillor­s in Angus with the SNP and Independen­ts each holding nine seats, the Conservati­ves with eight posts and Liberal Democrats with two positions.

A provost has to be elected at Tuesday afternoon’s meeting and if there is a scenario where votes are tied at 14 each then, under the council’s standing orders, the role will be decided by cutting cards.

Lib Dem Ben Lawrie, who represents the Monifieth and Sidlaw ward, said: “We have a ‘shopping list’ of demands and don’t plan on going home hungry.”

In Dundee, SNP group leader John Alexander yesterday agreed a coalition with Independen­t councillor Ian Borthwick, which will see the 78-year-old become the city’s next lord provost in return for his support.

The full council will vote on the appointmen­t when it meets on May 25 but that vote will now be a formality.

It will mean Dundee has one of the oldest lord provosts in Scotland and one of the youngest administra­tion leaders.

The SNP lost its majority on the council in last week’s local government elections.

Meanwhile, Fife Council will continue into next week without a ruling administra­tion as talks between the SNP and Labour continue.

The SNP is now the largest party in Fife with 29 seats, five more than Labour, but does not have an overall majority.

The two parties have been locked in negotiatio­ns since the election result last Friday in a bid to find a way to work together but it could be Tuesday or Wednesday before it is known who will run the authority.

SNP depute leader Karen Marjoram said they were making progress.

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