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Veterans show no increased risk from suicide


People who have served in the armed forces in the last 50 years are not at greater risk of suicide than those who have not, according to a study.

However there is an increased risk in certain groups, the Glasgow University study found.

Recent UK studies have shown veterans to be at no greater risk than the general public, whilst both Falklands and Gulf War veterans have been shown to have a lower risk of suicide.

The new research analysed the long-term risks of suicide in veterans living in Scotland who served between 1960 and 2012, in comparison with nonveteran­s.

Overall there was no difference between the veterans and the non-veterans, but the risk was increased in older veterans, women who joined the services before 1992 and people who had left service early.

Researcher Dr Beverly Bergman said: “This is an important study which provides reassuranc­e that military service in the last 50 years does not increase people’s risk of suicide overall.”

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