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Another way of life


“The article in a recent Weekend magazine brought back memories of oor ain ‘back door visit’ to Mexico at Bouquillas some 15 years ago,” writes Geoff Bray of Letham.

“Some people think of the Rio Grande, although a natural border marker, as being something of a mighty river, whereas in truth she is not much more than 20 to 25 feet wide and only a couple of feet deep along most of the Texan border in Big Bend National Park.

“Our crossing was in one of the boats – not unlike the one depicted in the photograph. The holes in the aluminium hull, testament to the shallownes­s of the river, requiring some bailing out during the short crossing.

“We were given a choice of transport to the village – a rusty 4x4, donkey or walk. One ‘cantina’ for a beer, a bottle of local Tequila and a Mexican blanket to remind us of this unique foray into another way of life.

“Unlike President Trump’s idea of a border wall, the locals were allowed to cross in order to go shopping in the supermarke­t in the National Park, rather than suffer a journey of many miles and hours on unmade roads through sparsely populated rural Mexico.

“Perhaps the roads are better these days. For us, the visit to this area in West Texas was part of a visit to the real America.”

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