The Courier & Advertiser (Perth and Perthshire Edition)

Captain Fantastic


Tom Doyle Here’s a statistic from this book to stop you in your tracks – in 1975 Elton John was solely responsibl­e for 2% of global record sales. Or, to put it another way, one in every 50 albums sold worldwide that year was one of his. And yet this is the year he attempted to kill himself with sleeping pills at his California mansion. Such is the story of Elton John – never dull. And Tom Doyle’s book Captain Fantastic illustrate­s that beautifull­y. Music journalist Doyle, who has profiled Dundee singing legend Billy MacKenzie in the past, has not set out to paint some rose-tinted vision of Elton’s career. We learn about life before Elton and how a slightly overweight pianist called Reg Dwight learned his trade. It’s a cliché but there really isn’t a dull moment in this book and with plenty of quotes from Elton himself, readers get the feeling this is pretty much the true, unvarnishe­d story. And it’s some tale. 9/10

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