The Courier & Advertiser (Perth and Perthshire Edition)

The Girlfriend


Michelle Frances Laura and her son Daniel have always been close but for the past few years he’s been away at university. When he returns home after graduating, she relishes spending time with him. In a matter of days however, Daniel meets Cherry, a bright, ambitious estate agent who has always wanted more for herself. Laura invites Cherry over for a family meal but rather than forging a friendship the two women get off to a less than auspicious start and soon the relationsh­ip turns from strained to downright poisonous. Michelle Frances has worked in television drama for 15 years and the fruits of that labour are borne out in this impressive­ly compelling debut; the tension positively oozes from the pages. The novel keeps the reader on a knife-edge throughout and with film rights secured by Andy Serkis’ Imaginariu­m, The Girlfriend looks set to thrill on the big screen too. 8/10

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