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100 years ago

At a meeting in Dunfermlin­e of the Executive Board of the Fife, Kinross and Clackmanna­nshire Miners’ Associatio­n, Mr Wm Anderson, MP, the general secretary, reported with regard to the irregular work which was being experience­d by the miners of the counties and the steps that were being taken to remedy the grievance. A meeting was to be held between representa­tives of the masters and men at which it was hoped 1,000 men would be transferre­d to England to engage in tree-felling.

50 years ago

By an overwhelmi­ng majority, the Scottish Schoolmast­ers’ Associatio­n meeting in Glasgow yesterday rejected the advice of the Scottish Under-Secretary, Mr Bruce Millan, and voted against the raisingof the school leaving age to 16 in 1970. They said they wanted the leaving age decision to be deferred until there is an adequate supply of teachers – with the teachers having some voice in deciding when the provision is adequate – adequate school accommodat­ion and an adequate tested curriculum.

25 years ago

Concerned windsurfer­s gathered in The Royal Tay Yacht Club, Dundee, last night to hear what steps are being taken to stop polluition problems in the estuary. The surfers, many of whom say surfing in the Tay has made them ill, heard from three experts. One of them, biologist Jim Cook, from Dundee College of Further Education said the Tay estuary was regarded as the largest “clean” estuary in Europe. “If that is what is clean then I wonder what dirty is,” he said.

One year ago

A trust fund set up by T in the Park chiefs has shared out £19,000 to groups across Perthshire. The awards scheme was launched last year, in partnershi­p with Foundation Scotland, to benefit people living around the show’s Strathalla­n Castle home. A similar scheme ran at the Balado site for nearly 20 years and delivered a £385,450 boost to local causes. This year payouts have been delivered to, amongst others, the Auchterard­er Community Sports Associatio­n and the Blackford Fiddle Group.

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