The Courier & Advertiser (Perth and Perthshire Edition)

Scotland can’t go it alone


Sir, - I envisage the current movement towards independen­ce will set brother against brother and father against son.

The language of those seeking to tear our country apart is at best troubling and at worst offensive.

Surely we both seek what is best for our country and we should not be pilloried for believing in union with our neighbours in England, which has been very successful in the past.

Leaving the United Kingdom would have a very detrimenta­l effect on our wealth. Such a small country as ours does not even have the financial resources to meet our current obligation­s without the support of Westminist­er.

The SNP already admit there would have to be deep cuts to services and a substantia­l increase in taxation just to stand still.

We would have little appeal to the EU as our fiscal position would best be described as a basket case.

No country as small as ours with a population in the region of 5.4 million people, only half of whom are in employment, can sustain the remainder.

The SNP Government paints a picture of a future utopia but who other than the general population will have to pay the price if it goes pear shaped? It is a very big risk and one we do not have to take. AG Walker. Puddledub Cottage, Guthrie.

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