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Kerry warns of a climate change crisis


The consequenc­es of not taking further action on climate change would be “beyond catastroph­ic” for the planet, US climate envoy John Kerry has warned.

The former secretary of state said the need to tackle the issue is “urgent” for the whole world.

It comes as global leaders are to take part in a virtual summit on climate change from April 22, as US president Joe Biden leads a push to cut emissions.

The two-day summit will attempt to galvanise efforts by major economies to combat climate change ahead of key UN talks hosted by the UK this year.

Mr Kerry told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge On Sunday: “It’s extremely urgent. The word ‘urgent’ is totally applicable to the current crisis that we’re in because countries are simply not getting the job done.

“Even if we did everything that we set out to do in the Paris Agreement, the Earth’s temperatur­e is going to increase a very significan­t amount, perhaps as much as 3.7 degrees or more, and the reason for the real urgency now is that because we’re not getting done what we said we’d do in Paris, it’s actually heading towards 4 degrees or more.

“That’s beyond catastroph­ic in the consequenc­es to food production, water, habitabili­ty in various parts of the planet, the melting of ice, the sea level rise, the warming.”

Mr Kerry said Mr Biden and Boris Johnson “get along well” and would have no problems in “working together on a lot of key issues” such as climate change.

He also said that nations, including the UK, have a “stake in the outcome of the climate issue”.

During the summit, the Biden administra­tion will show its recommitme­nt to the Paris climate accord, the world’s first comprehens­ive climate treaty which Donald Trump rejected.

Mr Kerry said the US has a “duty” to rejoin the agreement and apologised for the nation becoming a “renegade” in tackling climate change under the previous administra­tion.

He went on to say: “President Biden said the first thing he’d do as president is return; we’ve done that and now with this summit we’re going to try and bring nations to the table to do what we need to do to get the job done.”

Ahead of the summit, Washington and Beijing announced they had reached an agreement to co-operate with each other on the issue.

Mr Kerry added: “We recognise that China with nearly 30% of the world’s emissions, is essential to resolving this crisis and our hopes are that China is prepared to assume responsibi­lity as we are and as other nations are.”

 ??  ?? CLEAR SIGNAL: John Kerry wants to galvanise efforts to combat climate change.
CLEAR SIGNAL: John Kerry wants to galvanise efforts to combat climate change.

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