The Courier & Advertiser (Perth and Perthshire Edition)

Tory move on kids’ Bill is ‘repugnant’


Sir, – The UK Government’s decision to take the Scottish Government to the Supreme Court with the intention of blocking a Bill which gives greater protection to children’s rights is shameful and morally repugnant in equal measure.

This Bill received unanimous backing in Holyrood with Scottish Tory MSP Jamie Greene asserting that the rights of children were “way above politics”.

John Swinney spoke for many when he pointed out that “the only people who need fear this Bill are those who want to breach children’s rights”.

We can only hope that,

for once, Douglas Ross will stand up to Boris Johnson and tell him this action by the UK Government is totally unacceptab­le and will be opposed by all Scottish Tory MPS and MSPS.

Alan Woodcock. Osborne Place, Dundee.

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