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Many unanswered questions of indy


Sir, – Your correspond­ent Les Mackay displays unbelievab­le naivety in his letter to the Courier of April 15.

May I remind him that Scotland was never a member of the EU so it cannot “rejoin”.

It would have to stand in line as a new applicant and be able to meet over 35 EU compliance

rules to have its applicatio­n considered.

Add to that the likely opposition from major EU member states to Scotland breaking away from the UK, as can be seen from the many negative EU comments concerning the attempts of Catalonia to secede from Spain.

Maybe Mr Mackay could answer these questions.

1) Where is the logic for an “independen­t” Scotland to leave a union of four countries in UK to join a union of 27 countries in the EU and does he believe Scotland would be “equal” with the likes of Germany and France?

2) How much does he understand the economic and other EU criteria for joining?

3) What does he consider to be the enormous costs to the Scotland treasury required for secession and where is the money coming from?

4) Where would we stand on vaccine rollout if we were in the EU instead of the UK ?

People are growing tired of emotional justificat­ion for Scottish independen­ce that ignores the reality of life in today’s world and the security and benefits that we derive from being a part of the UK.

Perhaps if Nicola Sturgeon and her ministers could begin to take a more conciliato­ry position we might see a greatly improved future for Scotland. Derek Farmer. Knightswar­d Farm, Anstruther.

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