The Courier & Advertiser (Perth and Perthshire Edition)

Give us safe roads if you want folk to get on their bikes

- D Adams. Kirklands Park, Cupar.

Sir, – Having recently replaced a second broken spring on my car within one year, I have come to realise that SNP stands for Scottish Nationalis­t Potholes. How apt!

Never before in our history have Scottish roads been in such a poor state of repair, unless of course you go back to pre-roman times.

I see plenty of paint-marked holes around and not for the first time. As before, the paint will wear away before anything is done. So next time you hit a bump, burst a tyre or replace a suspension part, remember who failed to fill in that hole and don’t hold your breath waiting for compensati­on.

In my case, Fife Council refused to repair damage to my car despite my immediate reporting of the road defect, accompanyi­ng the complaint form with photograph­s of the damage to the car and road with a fixed measuremen­t included in the photograph for scale of the depth of the hole.

Fife Council always quote their, “robust roads policy” where it is the intention to repair defects within five working days. That particular hole was not fixed for two months.

Robust policy? Hot air for public consumptio­n more like.

Besides, there are so many holes now, it is an impossibil­ity to repair within five days.

A final point, as a keen cyclist, I can say that due to water filling up potholes, potholes hidden by shadows and darkness and the uncertaint­y of a cyclist being able to avoid every pothole due to overtaking cars, buses, etcetera, a cyclist will die, unable to avoid a deep hole.

If the government and councils in Scotland want us to “get on your bike”, then give us the safe roads to do so.

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