Whoosh, whoosh. Woof, woof. Bang, bang. It’s HELL!

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Two weeks ago, we asked you whether noisy neigh­bours were driv­ing you up the wall. You let us know — loud and clear: The tram­po­line is the most an­ti­so­cial thing par­ents can buy. We re­cently moved house af­ter be­ing sub­jected to scream­ing and yelling chil­dren for hours at a time — on both sides.

I was dis­mayed to read re­cently of a par­ent sug­gest­ing out­door light­ing so that the lit­tle dar­lings can play out­side even when it is dark. Our neigh­bours did this and con­se­quently the screams could con­tinue from 10am un­til 10pm. Our neigh­bour in­formed us that his chil­dren “could do what they liked”.

Un­for­tu­nately, we are now blessed with a mad drum­mer a few houses down who likes to blight our af­ter­noons with his dire prac­tis­ing. Is there no end to this?

ValDay The most mad­den­ing noise my hus­band and I have to put up with is next door’s chil­dren on their tram­po­line. That whoosh, whoosh sound and their screams are driv­ing us mad, not to men­tion the in­va­sion of our pri­vacy, with their heads bob­bing up and down over the fence.

What is the mat­ter with par­ents th­ese days? Why can’t they have some con­sid­er­a­tion for oth­ers? I would never have al­lowed my two sons to an­noy other peo­ple like this. They were taught re­straint and re­spect.

GwenHick­man My gar­den backs on to an­other, with only a fence be­tween our gar­dens. They are higher than me so look down into my gar­den. They have two big dogs and keep one inside, so it yelps and howls very loudly. The other day the own­ers must have been out and this ear­split­ting noise went on all af­ter­noon.

I am re­tired and a keen gar­dener, so I like be­ing in the gar­den, both work­ing and sit­ting. It is some­times im­pos­si­ble to sit out there.

Mar­garetTill­brook For noisy dogs, try get­ting a pow­er­ful dog whis­tle, and use it ev­ery time the lousy thing barks, long and hard.

Roger I live in a ter­raced house and the neigh­bours have put wooden floor­ing down in their kitchen, which is ad­ja­cent to our liv­ing-room. The noise is HELL!

Lyn This is not just an ur­ban prob­lem. In my rural area large gar­dens are com­mon, and with them go petrol-driven mow­ers of a variety of vin­tages, strim­mers (which, in my view, should be li­censed like shot­guns), leaf­blow­ers, chain­saws and the rest. Many a lovely Sun­day is ru­ined.

Oh — I nearly for­got the tug plane from the nearby air­field, which flies back and forth all day, tow­ing glid­ers.

Don’t move to the coun­try if you are af­ter peace and quiet.

Lily Har­ley-David­son mo­tor bikes and shout­ing chil­dren.


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