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1) Look at room sizes: are there any that seem out-of­pro­por­tion with the rest of the rooms? Could some rooms be used for other pur­poses? 2) Look at the lay­out: is it log­i­cal? For ex­am­ple, is the din­ing area close to the kitchen? Is there a bath­room on each floor that has a bed­room? 3) Do you have to pass through rooms to reach oth­ers? Will this mat­ter? (It is fine to find a util­ity room tucked off a kitchen, but not the sole bath­room only reach­able through a bed­room.) 4) Is there a gar­den and how is it ac­cessed from the house? A nar­row cor­ri­dor lead­ing to it or ac­cess only via a con­ser­va­tory will make it less use­able. 5) Com­pare the floor­plan with the pho­to­graphs: is there any­thing in the floor­plan that wor­ries you and, if so, do the pho­to­graphs show you how the own­ers have dealt with this? It may not be so bad in real life. 6) Think about how you would like to use a home. Which rooms are im­por­tant to you? Which rooms in this lay­out catch the most sun­light (most floor­plans will have a north pointer). 7) Beware stairs: they can’t be dis­missed out of hand, but look out for small half-land­ings with tiny rooms off them, sets of steps in hall­ways, tight turns or nar­row stair­cases.

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