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Somnyama Ngonyama (2014-17) by Zanele Muholi


South African photograph­er Muholi herself appears, Zanele Muholi’s ongoing posed as if for a formal series – which goes on show studio portrait, a defiant in London next week – takes look in her eyes and its title from a Zulu phrase scouring pads or clothes meaning, “Hail, the dark pegs in her hair. Through lioness”. In every frame, these symbols of domestic Sofia Coppola’s lost blockbuste­r The Dinner Party by Joshua Ferris drudgery, disguised as tribal accoutreme­nts, Muholi pokes fun at the clichéd Western view of African women through history.

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 ??  ?? Autograph ABP, London, from Friday.
Autograph ABP, London, from Friday.
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