Hedgerow mar­tini

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50ml Warner Ed­wards Har­ring­ton sloe gin 10ml creme de mure black­berry liqueur 20ml sugar syrup 20ml lemon juice 4 fresh rasp­ber­ries


Shake all in­gre­di­ents to­gether and pour into a coupette glass. Gar­nish with rasp­ber­ries, or any­thing you can for­age while out walk­ing. fectly in a clas­sic mar­tini, (five parts gin to one part ver­mouth). The Botanist, an ar­ti­sanal Is­lay gin, adds 22 wild lo­cal flow­ers and plants, in­clud­ing white clover, wood sage and wa­ter­mint. An­other, Silent Pool, is made in the North Downs from 24 botan­i­cal in­gre­di­ents, and its gar­den was one of the most pop­u­lar at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, partly be­cause it showed you how to grow some of the in­gre­di­ents: laven­der, camomile and an­gel­ica.

For there lies the cocktail’s ap­peal: you can do so much at home; grab a rose­mary gar­nish from the gar­den, raid the larder for a last-minute flavour boost from your favourite mar­malade. Bars may be crop­ping up every­where, and are a won­der­ful op­tion for a night out (see the list be­low, left), but for a Christ­mas party at home or a win­try night in, try mak­ing cock­tails at home to el­e­vate the evening.


Add all the in­gre­di­ents ex­cept the bit­ters to a cocktail mixer and shake for 10 to 15 sec­onds. Strain into a glass. Gar­nish with a few drops of the An­gos­tura bit­ters.

Recipe from the Lost Al­paca Bar at Lima Flo­ral, Lon­don

Stir the mar­malade into the gin and juice to dis­solve. Top up with fizz.

Recipe from The Li­brary of Liqueur at The Larder House, Dorset

A non-al­co­holic take on this year’s most pop­u­lar drink, the ne­groni. In a shaker, stir the spir­its (avail­able at Tesco, Waitrose and Ama­zon re­spec­tively) over ice for 15 sec­onds, then strain and pour into a tum­bler over ice. Gar­nish with a cit­rus wheel.

Recipe from Peter­sham Nurs­eries, Lon­don

Shake all in­gre­di­ents with ice, then strain into a coupe glass for this short, slightly sour drink that’s made with King Louis XV’s favourite cognac.

Mix the whisky and Mar­tini to­gether and pour into a tum­bler over ice. Top up with ginger ale and use the fruit wedges to gar­nish.

Recipe from Aqua­vit, Lon­don

Add the Itali­cus (a berg­amot liqueur, avail­able from the­whiskyex­change.com), then prosecco to a coupe, then add the sor­bet. Gar­nish with lemon zest.

Mix the liq­uids and sugar to­gether in a mug and serve gar­nished with a cin­na­mon stick, grated nut­meg to taste, and half a slice of orange.


1 grape­fruit

300ml gin

300ml sweet ver­mouth 300ml cam­pari 6 black­ber­ries

1 sprig rose­mary


Peel a strip of zest from the grape­fruit and add to a mi­crowave-safe bowl with the other in­gre­di­ents. Cover then blast in the mi­crowave for three min­utes on full­heat, al­low to cool, then strain, bot­tle and re­frig­er­ate. Pour over ice into a rocks glass to serve with a grape­fruit gar­nish. White and gold deco coupe glasses Cut glass tum­bler Pineap­ple cocktail shaker

Moglie white po­lar bear ice cube tray Fleur De Lys tum­bler

Fi­nal Touch sil­i­cone ice ball moulds (set of two) Riya drinks trol­ley Julep cup Mr Lyan and Friends by Ryan Chetiyawar­dana

The Cu­ri­ous Bar­tender Vol­ume 1:

The Artistry and Alchemy of Cre­at­ing the Per­fect Cocktail by Tris­tan Stephen­son

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SHAKE LIKE A LEAFA hedgerow mar­tini, main; far left: Lucy Holden, cen­tre, en­joy­ing cock­tails at home with friends

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