Shake up the ul­ti­mate win­ter warmer

It’s not just ap­ple and rhubarb that make a star crum­ble – soft fruits also of­fer a bowl­ful of com­fort­ing flavours

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100g whole­grain spelt or wheat flour

100g rolled or jumbo oats, or a mix­ture of both

100g ground al­monds

80g light brown mus­co­v­ado or co­conut su­gar

150g chilled un­salted but­ter, cubed, or vir­gin co­conut oil (but­ter cre­ates a crunchier crum­ble)


Pre­heat the oven to 180C/160C fan/Gas 4.

In a medium-large saucepan, bring the su­gar, lemon zest and juice and rose­mary to the boil with the wa­ter. Add the plum halves, re­duce the heat and cover with a lid for 10 min­utes, stir­ring now and again. Now turn off the heat, lightly mix in the black­ber­ries and blue­ber­ries and set aside.

In a free-stand­ing mixer fit­ted with a pad­dle, by hand, or with a food pro­ces­sor, com­bine the flour, oats, ground

al­monds and su­gar. Add the but­ter or co­conut oil and process un­til the mix re­sem­bles crumbs.

Re­move the rose­mary and lemon zest from the cooked plums and berries (al­though I quite like to leave the lemon zest in, it’s up to you). Pour the fruits into an oven­proof dish: us­ing a shal­low, longer dish will al­low for a crum­blier top; a taller dish will mean that part of the crum­ble ab­sorbs the juice and be­comes soft.

Spread the crum­ble over the top and bake for 30 min­utes, un­til the top is golden brown and the juices bub­bling up around the edges. Serve hot.

Keep any left­overs in the fridge for up to five days. The raw crum­ble mix can be frozen in freezer bags for at least a month.

Recipe from The Nat­u­ral Baker by Hen­ri­etta In­man (Jac­qui Small, £20)


4 Bram­ley ap­ples, peeled, cored and cut into big chunks

4 tsp corn­flour

4 tbsp dark brown soft su­gar

Grated zest and juice of 1 lemon 4 Con­fer­ence pears, peeled, cored and cut into thick slices

250g black­ber­ries 200g plain flour 80g golden caster su­gar

60g dark brown soft su­gar

75g rolled oats

½ tsp ground cin­na­mon Good pinch of mixed spice

180g but­ter, diced, plus ex­tra for greas­ing


Pre­heat the oven to 180C/160C fan/Gas 4 and but­ter a tray­bake tin.

To make the crum­ble, mix the flour, sug­ars, oats and spices to­gether. Scat­ter the diced but­ter around the mix and turn it over with a spoon so it is well dis­trib­uted. Ei­ther blitz in a food pro­ces­sor or rub the but­ter into the flour mix un­til it is the con­sis­tency of fine bread­crumbs.

Toss the ap­ple chunks in the corn­flour, then tip into a saucepan with 200ml of wa­ter, the brown su­gar, lemon zest and juice, and cook for five to 10 min­utes un­til the ap­ple is just start­ing to break down.

Re­move the pan from the heat and tip in the black­ber­ries and pear slices. Stir well and pour into your tray­bake tin.

Scat­ter the crum­ble mix­ture over the top and cook for 45 to 50 min­utes un­til browned on top and pur­ple juice start to peep through. Serve hot.

Recipe from The Tin & Tray­bake Cook­book by Sam Gates (Robin­son, £16.99)

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