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The En­ergy Plan out­lines two types of plate for the av­er­age per­son to struc­ture their day around: a fu­elling plate, which gives your body sup­port to meet the de­mands of ac­tiv­ity, and a main­te­nance plate, which keeps your body tick­ing over with­out bom­bard­ing it with ex­tra en­ergy. How you use them de­pends on your goals and your plans for the day.

I asked Collins to talk me through an al­ter­na­tive to my beloved lunch of baked beans on toast. The above plate is a fu­elling plate (it con­tains car­bo­hy­drate). Collins says it would be a func­tional meal for a typ­i­cal of­fice worker to have at lunchtime dur­ing an av­er­age day.

“Step one is a protein source, for main­te­nance. We’ve got lean chicken as the back­bone of your meal.

“Step two is a slower re­leas­ing car­bo­hy­drate, like puy lentils. They’re go­ing to keep you fu­elled through the af­ter­noon. They’re a good sub­sti­tute for your nor­mal baked beans be­cause they’re a more nutri­ent-rich fuel.

“Step three is our pro­tec­tion foods – the mi­cronu­tri­ents. With each meal, we want at least two dif­fer­ent types of veg­eta­bles. Over the course of the day, that will get us close to the elu­sive five-a-day, which only 26 per cent of the pop­u­la­tion gets.

“Here, we’ve got toma­toes and pep­pers, which bring an­tiox­i­dants. That will fight cel­lu­lar dam­age and daily wear and tear. You’ll also get ly­copene from the toma­toes, which is im­por­tant for heart health.

“Onions are rich in quercetin, so good for im­mu­nity. We’re com­ing into win­ter, coughs and colds are go­ing around; this will be an im­mu­nity-rich ad­di­tion. The spinach has vi­ta­min K, which helps bone for­ma­tion.

“And fi­nally, a driz­zle of olive oil will de­liver a serv­ing of ‘good’ monounsaturated fats.”

A sin­gle por­tion of fruit is one handful

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