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Hâ restau­rant on Rue du Hâ is in which wine city?

Which wine town has a law pre­vent­ing the “fly­ing over, land­ing, or tak­ing off of fly­ing saucers?”

The law in ques­tion 5 was in­tro­duced af­ter a man claimed to have seen two fig­ures that looked like “deep sea divers” get­ting out of a “cigar-shaped” space­craft. Which Amer­i­can wine­maker sends up this sight­ing with a wine called Le Ci­gare Volant? I will take the name of the man or the win­ery, but all the bet­ter if you can give me both.


Am­ber Revo­lu­tion:

by Si­mon J Woolf tells the story of the rise of or­ange wine (which is made by leav­ing white grapes in the skins longer dur­ing and af­ter fer­men­ta­tion). It’s a very well told story, that takes us to north-eastern Italy, Slove­nia and Ge­or­gia, pulling in his­tory, pol­i­tics and per­sonal nar­ra­tives. Ques­tion: what vil­lage in the wine-pro­duc­ing re­gion of Col­lio was home to wine pro­duc­ers Josko Gravner and the late Stanko Radikon?

The Som­me­lier’s At­las of Taste:

A Field Guide to the Great Wines of Europe by Ra­jat Parr and Jor­dan Mackay seeks to ex­plain what some of Europe’s clas­si­cal wines taste like as well as de­scrib­ing the “par­tic­u­lar­i­ties of place” in which they are made.

(a) The wine of which grape do Parr and Mackay de­scribe as hav­ing, “fruit notes that run from peaches to quince… [the grape] also of­ten has a tell­tale lano­lin aroma: think wet wool, like a sweater that’s been caught in the rain”?

(b) Which Beau­jo­lais Cru is de­scribed as, “the most north­ern of all the Beau­jo­lais Crus… [its wine] a bit lighter in body than other Crus, with

Flaw­less: Un­der­stand­ing Faults In Wine by Jamie Goode is a de­tailed guide to faults such as bret­tanomyces, ox­i­da­tion, volatile acid­ity, eu­ca­lyp­tus taint, mousi­ness and la­dy­bird taint.

If a wine has un­wanted aro­mas of peanut, green (bell) pep­per and as­para­gus, to which of the above faults might it have fallen prey?

Vine­yards, Rocks & Soils: The Wine Lover’s Guide to Ge­ol­ogy by ge­ol­ogy pro­fes­sor and hob­by­ist wine­maker

Alex Malt­man in­tro­duces the ba­sic prin­ci­ples of ge­ol­ogy and ex­plains them in the con­text of wine.

What is the fourth most abun­dant el­e­ment in the earth’s crust?

The Life of Tea: A Jour­ney to the World’s Finest Teas by Michael Free­man and Ti­mothy d’Of­fay is a pho­to­graphic guide, with words, to the world’s great teas.

Which rare green tea whose name trans­lates as Dragon Well was served to Pres­i­dent Nixon on his 1972 state visit to China?

Red & White: An Un­quench­able Thirst for Wine by Oz Clarke is an un­con­ven­tional wine book: part-mem­oir, part chatty but ever-so-in­for­ma­tive com­pan­ion to wine.

On the first page of his book, Oz ex­plains that he started drink­ing at the age of three: at a fam­ily pic­nic near his home in Cam­bridgeshire, his el­der brother started drown­ing in the river Ouse . While his fa­ther res­cued him and his mother had hys­ter­ics, Oz snaf­fled – and downed – a bot­tle of – what?

UNCORK YOUR GE­NIUS There’s bub­bly to be won in my an­nual wine lover’s quiz

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